Teens making a difference in the community

There was a 14-year-old boy from Louisville, Kentucky who went viral on social media due to his act of kindness. He took off his shoes and gave them to a homeless man. We hear stories about these kind of things all the time, but it’s still so nice to know that their are still people who care about the less fortunate.

“We saw a homeless man who had holes in his shoes, and without hesitation, Laron Tunstill Jr. (a.k.a. Ron Ron) took the shoes off his feet and gave it away,” Reynolds, 30, told ABC News. Laron sat down as the homeless man told his story. The homeless man told Laron about all the things he has went through such as loss, hurt, and just feeling completely lost with life. These stories are usually hard to hear, how can someone go through so much hardship and have no one by their side who can help them? “Laron was very moved by the homeless man story,” Reynolds, 30, told ABC News. ht_teen_gives_shoes_homeless_man_mem_160908_12x5_1600Teen making an impact on this homeless man when he gave his shoes away.
Photo from: Courtesy PurpMe/Facebook

There’s always a back story in why individuals care enough to help another that’s in need. Laron went through a “bad phase” growing up which most teenagers do. Laron grew up in a bad area and where he would hear gunshots all the time. Being and living around the streets affected him emotionally, physically, and mentally, but now he is focused on helping those that need it as well as wanting to bring each individual he talks to closer to the lord.

This 14-year-old is truly inspiring, and i’m sure many can agree. At such a young age he has probably gone through more then a normal pre-teen should. But he has built himself up and has the determination in helping those in need as well as bringing he/she to closer to the lord.


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