A new partnership?


We all can agree a go-to place for coffee, and drinks its Starbucks. Individuals go there day in and day out weather it be studying, catching up with a friend, or having a team meeting. Starbucks is just the first place that pops up as a ‘meet up’ place. The business is also the current market leader, its on demand and constantly growing. However both Coca-Cola and Dunkin Donuts are hoping to partner up and cut Starbucks sales.

Starbucks Corporation, as been selling ready-to-go drinks since 1994 and it controls about 97% of the United States ready-to-go drinks, and they also share an equal partnership with PepsiCo.

Dunkin’ Donuts chief executive, Nigel Travis said “Our customers, especially younger customers, want to have a Dunkin’ ready-to-drink iced coffee. It’s one of the fastest growing segments of the packaged-goods industry.”

Coca-Cola will produce and distribute ready-to-go drinks at Dunkin’ Donuts coffee starting in the early next year 2017.

Coca-Cola will manufacture, distribute, and sell the product, Dunkin Donuts will make its first attempt to help conquer the ready-to-drink coffee/tea category. This is more then a 2.3 billion market, and according to statistics, Starbucks has been head strong in the industry for years.

“We are delighted to be working with The Coco-Cola Company, a world-class partner that will provide us with world-class consumer access, by bringing ready-to-drink Dunkin Donuts coffee to the refrigerator of grocery, convenience stores and mass merchandisers, as well as inside Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants, across the United States,” Dunkin Donuts CEO Nigel Travis said.

With this new partnership it’s going to be a game changer! Starbucks wouldn’t be the only go-to place for having drinks on the spot as well as a place to sit and socialize.

With this new product introduction it’ll help individuals take notice of Dunkin Donuts more for existing and new consumers, as well as drawing in a younger crowd to sit and visit.


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