Snapchat VS Instgram


Snapchat VS Instagram which one would be a better use for a business? Snapchat App was released in 2011, and this social media platform allows you to take pictures, videos, and has multiple filters to use to make the picture more attractive and creative. This app lets you send the video or the picture to one friend, or to put on your story to let the people that are following you see it.

Once viewers open your snap they have a total of ten seconds to view it, before it automatically deletes itself. However, the individual is also allowed to screenshot the entire screen but if this does happen the sender of the Snap does get notified.

Facebook, who now owns Instagram has taken a high interest in Snapchat and has offered over 3 million dollars to buy it out.

Snapchat does have some really unique things about it and marketers should take notice in these strengths and utilize them. This platform is popular and growing, it’s easy to take a photo or video of what’s new and let others view that. Snapchat often being used by individuals who are users of this app., which is a good thing. It means that they’re active and receptive to messages that are being sent. Snapchat best for targeting young students, teenagers, and young adults.

Instgram the sister company to Facebook, allows users to post images and videos online for users following them to view. Instgram can also be left on
“public” for everyone to view.

Instgram offers a ton of editing features including filters and picture editing. You can edit the color and brightness of the photo being posted, which makes the image look a higher quality. Unlike Snapchat, the images posted in Instgram stays there unless it’s being physically deleted.

As of now, businesses can use Instgram as an advertisement tool. Restaurants, clothing stores, etc. are using Instgram to post what the business is about and what they are trying to sell to potential consumers. Showing a picture that can catch someones eye is important. If these picture can stop an individual as they “wow” to it, it is likely that the person will go buy/try what they’ve seen.

Instgram also are hashtag friendly. These hashtags are clickable links that take the users to feeds of images using the exact same hashtag. This is a huge bonus because it allows markets to used the hashtag help enhance their brand. Doing this can target users as well as boost engagement and conversation about the business.

So which is better? The two line up side by side it’s obvious that Instagram and Snapchat are pretty similar. The differences are fairly minor, it just comes down to personal preference and what businesses think would be easier to use.


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