Nonprofit organizations face many difficult challenges and opportunities. It’s hard to get their share of voice in the media environment that is cluttered, mercurial, and non-stop.


There are a couple of ways nonprofits can leverage their expertise and communicate effectively with individuals, and those are:

1. Using social media to engage with others: In todays society social media is one of the number one ways for communication. They allow organizations to reach people with their own content on a broad scale and in increasingly creative ways.

Take social media and use it the with the same mindset you would bring to traditional communications. Utilize outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be message driven, and a way to interact with each individual.

2. Use compelling visuals to stand out: Nonprofit marketers know that visual content helps engage the public. Instead of just limiting press release to just text, make them stand out by including visuals that can make the reader go “oh i want to read this.” Also make sure to assemble and deliver these assets so that they are easy to access.

3. Testimonials: Everyone enjoys hearing about how something changed a life, and testimonials are formal forms of expression that support that concept. They are extremely powerful, and help strengthen the credibility of the organization. People won’t want to help, volunteer, or help spread the news through word of mouth for the organization if they don’t trust you. Many find testimonials valuable, it helps them understand what the organization has done and can really persuade someone in a positive way.

4. Spokesperson: Usually nonprofits will have their founder/executive to formerly speak for the organization which is important. It’s impactful to have one person to actively and consistently engage with the media, donors, and the community. To keep them updated on events, volunteer opportunities, missions, and more.

Of course, there are many other tools nonprofits could use to thrive and these were just a few organizations are becoming more actively aware of. Nonprofits should always think outside the box of what they can do to make others more active and responsive.


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