Starbucks using social media wisely

Starbucks is a well known coffeehouse, with more than 18,000 retail locations in 60 counties. It could probably run on its own without using social media as a tool.
However Starbucks takes advantage of the social media marketing. They have multiple networks that they utilize, which sets the bar high for other businesses when it comes to content and consumer engagement.

Starbuck doesn’t just focus its efforts on trying to reach out to new customers, but instead they try and cultivate its current relationships. This ensures consumers that their in-store experience is highly valued, while engaging with fans and followers emphasizing the importance of customer service.

When a customers happy with the experience or offer that they’ve received its a possibility that they will share it with friends and family. For example during the holiday Starbucks usually has a “buy 1 get 1 to share” promotion. This spreads through word of mouth, engagement through Instagram, and Facebook which are mainly generated through “likes” and “shares.”

Every customer wants to feel like a valued individual, and Starbucks provides that through My Starbucks Rewards, and personalized signature drinks. Most of their social media outlets such as Pinterest and Instagram, encourages users to share their Starbucks moments whether it be the drink that’s purchased, or just a picture of the holiday cup.

Starbucks is very good when it comes to cross promoting itself. When Starbucks takes a picture it’s automatically shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Each network that’s being used provides an opportunity to reach a new audience. Integrating strategy on each network is crucial to increasing visibility.

Starbucks is an successful business many can look and learn from. The company values consumers, provides great customer service, and stays active on social media, these are all important things that many companies now lack.


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