What a PR Agency Does

When someone is asked about what PR agency does, answers vary and come from all different places.

Some might think PR agencies:
1. Advertises
2. Write stories for reporters
3. Put up billboards
4.Giving reasons for people to buy company products

Answers don’t stop but only get more creative. Public Relation agencies promote companies and individuals through editorial coverage. Which is commonly known to be “earned” or “free” media stories that get posted on website, magazines, newspaper, and shown through TV programs etc.
Understanding what an agency does, one first has to know what Public Relations is. “PR is a Persuasion Business. You are trying to convince an audience, inside your building or town, and outside your usual sphere of influence, to promote your idea, purchase your product, support your position, or recognize your accomplishment,” quoted by Robert Wynne, founded in Frobes.

PR agencies goals are to promote clients by making them seem successful, trustworthy, honest, and relevant as possible. The agency works with clients to create a communication plan. The plan might include considering competitive advantages, position in the market, challenges the client is facing, a PR strategy, and measurements and tactic tools.

There are a number of things a PR agency does. The most common is utilizing the media. The agency will work with the client or individual to create content from press releases, articles, research, blog post, etc. With the content that is collected the agency will target the media by pitching them and offering information for a story.

PR agencies are trained to create content, so the next most common step to take is feeding it through social media outlets. From posting stories on Facebook to managing Twitter feeds. It’s important to get the point across with accurate information so the client can always be viewed in a positive light.


Wynne, R. (n.d.). What Does a Public Relations Agency Does. doi:10.1075/ps.5.3.02chi.audio.2f


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