Instagram Helping Businesses

Instagram is a popular app known to edit and take photos with. But there is a lot to Instagram then what meets the eye. Once you get past just looking at the pictures being posted you’ll see how businesses can find Instagram beneficial.

With Instagram growing and becoming such a popular app, it’s something small businesses and nonprofits should explore and utilize.

A few ways Instagram can help with businesses:

1. The app allows “personal touch” Instagram gives the perfect opportunity to show consumers the personal side. By doing this a business can make things more personable and leaving a lasting impression on the current and future for consumers. Show consumers behind the scenes, and sneak peeks of how things are ran. This could be a picture of the working team in a meeting, or a short video of the co-workers having a good time at work. These type of pictures and videos are simple and can be done in less than five minutes.

2. Instagram connects individuals from all over the world through simple images. Once one starts using Instagram it’s automatically opening yourself up to a completely new demographic of people. For business owners this can be a good thing. Doing this is pretty simple you just download the app and start creating a positive image through Instagram. Staying open to new connections and being active is one of the best ways to interact with others.

3. With Instagram is so easy to get caught up with captivating images. But as mentioned before, there is so much more to Instagram than just the photos being posted. Instagram is like any other social media outlet, and it can be used to network and reach out to its target audience. Liking, commenting, and following others can allow businesses to thrive and have others take notice of what the business is about. Businesses can also connect Instagram to Facebook, and Twitter.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so why not take pictures and short videos to tell a story and share it to drive engagement. Instagram can be a powerful channel that allows others to see a personal side, and is a great way to network if used correctly.

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