PR Advice for Small Businesses

For small businesses, and start ups doing their own PR is all about creativity. Reaching out to the public, and getting pitches to the right people. It takes a lot of time and effort doing PR for yourself but doing things this way can save a lot of money.
For the community, and the target audience to take notice of the business its crucial that the business has a brand story. Storytelling can help transform a brands identity and presence. A lot of individuals find stories about the business, captivating. The more interesting and genuine the story is, the more trust others will feel towards it. It’s important that business owners tell others why the business exists, its ethics, and how they plan on impacting people. A compelling story will always give the audience a way to emotionally connect with the business as well as business owners.

Keeping up with the industry is difficult but important. For small businesses keeping up and staying informed with everything related to the industry is a must. Business owners need to be as knowledge as possible. You never know who might come around, and that knowledge might just impress the right person.

Networking! There are multiple ways to do this. Keep up with top industry reporters and influences. Look up local bloggers and new sites, then find where you can comment and potentially engage with them. Making social media accounts and staying on top of those can be helpful as well. Tweets, post pictures on Instagram, and give a brief description about events and things going on during the week on Facebook.

These are just a couple of ways small businesses and start-ups can do to reach out to the public. It’s always really difficult at first but with hard work and dedication the outcome is limitless.

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